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Our Approach

Contact us for a no charge consultation to discuss your specific needs. We will explore current verses future state and what we can do to deliver the results you need. All services will be discussed and agreed upon up front with no surprises. Leaders need someone they can trust. When you work with Reid & Company, you can expect bottom-line results with dedicated attention, efficiency, transparency and collaboration with integrity.


Achieving bottom-line results for companies such as:

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We help increase employee productivity up to 15% using the 4-Step T2S Method 

We make the complicated simple

Complexity Prevents Execution

4-Step Transformation to Success (T2S) Method:

Mirroring / Accountability / Alignment / Skills

  1. Root Cause Solutions Through Mirroring

  2. Employee Accountability with Job Ownership

  3. Alignment Through Metrics and Communication

  4. Increase Skills through Career Pathing, Targeted Training and Retention

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Doug Nielsen

As a Professional Organizational Psychologist and Owner of Doug Nielsen Communications, I find Scot's knowledge and approach in the areas of Organizational and Leadership Development to be spot on. Scot and I partnered together because I have experienced first hand his work with multiple organizations and respect his ability to consistently identify and implement solutions to complex problems that produce valuable results.

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Jim Bylund

As VP of Global  Operations, I worked closely with Scot through the initial  transformation of our business. He understands how to identify the right solutions, influence change and align leaders around the needs of a business. I credit Scot for his work and insight that positively impacted our bottom line while moving us towards a higher performing organization. 

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Mike Tranmer

Coming in as a new Sr. VP/GM, I needed to work through numerous  challenges involving the workforce, leaders, customers and external entities with various regulations. Partnering with Scot was the key for our organization. He was instrumental in optimizing our organization in many areas, significantly reduced our costs, increasing productivity; which positively impacted the  bottom line. In addition, Scot was key in helping me build a new culture and Leadership Team within our business.

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