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Scot Reid, Managing Principal

Scot received an MBA from BYU and gained the trust of many Business Leaders within the US, Europe and Asia Pacific. His 25 years of expertise is implementing practical solutions that deliver results while focusing on the root cause. Scot has been effective working in diverse industries including: Bioscience, Aerospace, Industrial, Medical Device, Defense and Pharmaceutical. He works with employees at all levels, from large Fortune 500 Corporations to small emerging businesses. Scot is certified in SPHR, Executive Coaching, Leadership Effectiveness, GMP and Six Sigma Lean Manufacturing.

PROVEN SUCCESS: Positioning companies to achieve a high level of human capital performance. Applying our skills in coaching, acquiring & retaining talent and utilizing a solid business acumen, we have been involved in developing turnaround strategies that transform organizations with sustainable solutions that produce results.

BUSINESS TRANSFORMATION: Experience in implementing solutions that achieve higher performance by translating organizational issues and objectives into key initiatives. Working closely with people to capture the ear of leaders and foster transparent communication, building a positive work environment and cultivating a culture of engaged and accountable employees.

CHANGE LEADERSHIP: Seeking the root cause has allowed us to propel our strategies and best practices; and apply an understanding of the economics that drive business, align resources and programs to achieve critical objectives.

COLLABORATIVE VIEW: Using a lighthearted approach, we drive productive discussions on business situations in an atmosphere of openness…letting people ‘be themselves’ in a level playing field, so that together we figure out the best way to solve an issue. 

GLOBAL EXPERIENCE: Experience executing directives and change tactics for more than 1,300 employees in multiple global sites in the Asia-Pacific and Northern Europe regions, gaining international exposure to cultures and their business protocols. 

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Reid & Company

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